618 Hibachi Grill- The original


This is the original Kotaigrill modern steel hibachi grill. The perfect personal grill for the discerning grill chef.
The 618 grill design was the very first Kotaigrill hibachi grill, and the prototype is still in use today! You may notice that there are several metalworkers who have been inspired by the Kotaigrill design concept. Some have launched their grill ideas off into their own stylized versions, while others have attempted to copy/rip-off our trademark grill design. This IS the real-deal, made by hand in Baltimore Maryland USA!

Constructed of welded steel, this grill in nearly indestructible weighing in at a mere 25 lbs. This grill is perfect for cooking small cuts of meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables. The spaces between the grilling bars are set close enough, so as to NOT lose all those tasty little things down into the coals.
The grilling surface is a 6" x 18" removable carbon steel grill top, welded- tough for years of dependable use over high heat.

Oh, and yes; this IS the grill we drove a 7000lb track-loader over, and it survived!!!
Who else can say that about the products they build?

Handmade with love and pride, in Baltimore Maryland, USA.
(This grill is a trademark design, solely owned by Kotaigrill and its designer-maker F. Halsey Frost.
Any copy, replication, facsimile of this design, description, photographs, will be subject to legal prosecution. We kindly ask of the community that any and all infringements of these protections be promptly reported to this site. Our designs are our work, our livelihood, and by using them without permission; is stealing!
Please respect this.)


All grills are made to order, upon payment in full.
If you wish to cancel your order, please do so within three (3) days of placing the order, in writing, and a full refund will be honored if your item has not already hit the production bench . Any cancelation requests past three (3) days must be submitted in writing, and are subject to a refund less the costs incurred to fulfill/build the order, to the date such a request was received.

Shipping from United States

Items may be shipped via USPS, FedEx, or common carrier. Due to the weight of some items, especially the larger grills (45-85lbs) only certain carriers will accept and handle.
Please allow two to four weeks, for orders to be shipped. It all depends on the item being made to order, or not.


100% customer satifaction is the goal!
All workmanship is guaranteed against the normal use of each product. Any defect that hinders usage or safety, well be repaired, or replaced, at no cost to you.

If for any reason that you are not satisfied with your purchase, please submit, in writing, a refund request with the reason, or reasons, why you are not satisfied with the product. Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis, before determining if a refund, or credit, will be honored, or not.


All grills are made of carbon steel an can rust. A stainlees steel grill top option my be requested for an additional 30% upcharge to the base price of the individual grill. Please indicate, at the time of sale, the request to construct the grill top in stainless steel, otherwise it will be made in carbon steel.
A longer, or larger, grill can be requested for an additional charge of $25.00 (USD) per each additional linear inch in length, and an additional $100.00 (USD) per each additional linear inch of width.
Some custom orders, and special designs, may also be available, just inquire. Additional costs my apply. (Subject to the limitations of the Etsy Sellers Agreement)

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