The original handcrafted modern welded steel hibachi grill, assorted steel gifts and accessories, built for a lifetime of use. Design/Mfg in USA

I have fond childhood memories of summer evenings, at the edge of the family pond, in Vermont, with my grandfather, grilling on a small hibachi grill. He, as an architect, appreciated the compact design of these grills, and their efficiency. My Own father had his own version of a Hibachi grill, and it was used as often as could be.
There was always something about the smell of the crumpled-up starter newspaper burning beneath the charcoal, and then the subsequent great smells of what was created on top.
My love of cooking and grilling started then.
Many years later, upon completion of a metal railing, I had designed and built, remaining on the floor was a fistful of 3/8" inch round steel rods, all about 19" long. "That would make a perfect grill top." I said. It was then that the design for what became the first Kotaigrill was underway. In 2011 I completed my first prototype of the 618 hibachi grill. I still use it today.

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