1.25” plated button cap


Replacement cap for ‘53-‘64 Ford Tractor dash panel.
..... because you don’t have that cool accessory light.

You’ve looked at this cap/hole for years, it’s bothered you that it’s either just not shiny, or it’s dented, broken, rusted-out, or all-out missing. Fill that void in your life, or dash panel, with this cute little button cap. It’s so shiny and nice, there could be hundred of other uses for this gem. Stick it on the wall and tell people it’s a little round mirror. Flick-it across-the-floor to get the cat completely wound up, and they’ll play with it for over an hour until it’s lost under the fridge or stove forever. You could make them into some very nice earrings. Put one over your closed eye and the scare of the kiddos. Use it as bait to trap that pesky raccoon, because they love shiny little things. (of course you let them keep it as a souvenir when you set them free in the next town). Maybe there’s someone in your life nagging you to stop buying so many tractors, so you gently place the cap over their pursed lips because you ❤️ them. The uses are just boundless, and the possibilities are just so exciting!

Just remember:
-do not eat shiny metal button caps!
-do not bathe with shiny metal button caps!
-do not stick shiny metal button caps into electrical sockets, especially when bathing!

-share shiny metal button caps or trade them with your friends!


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